Sacrificial Love

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I, Louise, was at my daughter Christina's wedding in May of 2013.

My husband had just passed away in February so my grief was fresh, but I knew I had to pull myself together and be happy at her wedding, somehow. "Oh dear Lord, please help me," I prayed. I arrived at the wedding, one which I always hoped I'd be invited to, but wasn't sure if that would happen. It was beyond anything I could think or ask. I was not only welcomed, but honored, pinned with a flower and walked in FIRST before anyone else. The Lord is the lifter of our heads. What brought shame to me, an unplanned pregnancy, God Himself, forgave, redeemed, and put me in a position of honor. I would have never thought this possible back in 1985, when this single mom placed her baby for adoption. It took a lot of trust in the Lord to place her with a couple I didn't even meet or speak with, but in my heart I knew it was His plan. At the reception, a slide show played of Christina's life from infancy to her wedding day. That's when it hit me so hard. If I had not trusted God and instead had an abortion, trying to hide my sin, none of these people would be in this room having this celebration. I would be living with the grief of loss that only a mother can know. God's plan: life, happy faces, celebration, forgiveness, understanding, redemption, healing, and restoration! Satan's plan: death, destruction, broken lives, emptiness. Christina is a beautiful young lady and I do not say this because I am her birth-mother. She shines with the love of Christ to all who know her. She has the biggest heart and touches so many lives. I know she's done this ever since she was a young child.

We can all belong to God's family through adoption which He makes available through Christ. I hope that if you are reading this and considering abortion, you will look at the picture of us together and choose life. It is never a mistake to choose life. God will see you through, even in your darkest hour. Your tears are so precious to the Father, that he bottles them and saves them in Heaven. You will never regret choosing life over death even if you are met with critical remarks along the way. Trust me, I've heard it all! The tears I have now are only tears of joy and tears of amazement at how much God loves me and how He wants to bless our lives. Louise

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