Artist/ Founder

Hi, I'm Cindy!

I'm an artist, a lover of life, and mother of three awesome sons. My husband and I have been married since 1985. I can't help but love the beauty of life - at all stages.

Creating a symbol that encompasses my passion for life has been a project of mine for many years. Through this pendant, I desire to present a peaceful reminder of the precious gift of life, give hope during unplanned pregnancies, and encourage those who have lost babies.

This pendant was hand crafted from a bag of clay. With this jewelry, it is my hope to bring awareness and hope to those who have suffered an infant loss, miscarriage or regretted choice in providing them with a way of memorializing that precious life. VitaArt jewelry also celebrates the life of a new baby -- whether that is for the birth mother or a mother from adoption. 

It is my hope to celebrate all forms of the precious gift of life! When others see the pendant, earrings or pin, I often ask them what they see and invite them into a conversation about life. Do you have a story to tell - about adoption, a loss, an abortion, a new birth, a foster child? Would you share your story and inspire others?

Join me today on this journey to engage our culture with the value of all life. 

Speaking Arrangements

I would be honored to speak at your event.


Board Members

Robin Cunningham

Kathy Boyd

    Valerie Weeks