Far Beyond Laryngitus

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Have you ever had laryngitis, unable to adequately communicate?  Do you remember feeling frustrated and limited?  That situation is just a minor irritation compared to other circumstances that people in history have experienced.  Imagine what it was like for people contained in Nazi concentration camps with no access to communicating with those who could speak for them and defend their lives.  Now, let’s move on to those in current history, both seen and unseen, who have no voice to defend themselves from the injustices done to them. We see a growing collective indignation against human trafficking, where the afflicted and poor are abused.  They are treated as less than human with no rights of their own.  We must stand up for their rights.  We must also speak up for those we can’t see; those that are unborn.  The unborn have no voice of their own.

King Lemuel, says in Proverbs 31:8-9

Speak out on behalf of those who have no voice,
     and defend all those who have been passed over.

Open your mouth, judge fairly,
     and stand up for the rights of the afflicted and the poor.

King Solomon, says in Proverbs 24:11-12 (The Voice)

Rescue everyone you can of those being taken away and killed,
     and hold on to those innocent souls staggering toward their own slaughter.

If you excuse yourself, saying, “Look, we didn’t know anything about this,”
     doesn’t God, who knows what you are really thinking, understand your motives?

Isn’t your Protector aware of why you aren’t protecting the innocent?
     Will He not repay you in kind?

We are to speak for all those who do not have a voice; to stand for the rights of the afflicted and poor. Vita’s mission is to speak for the value and dignity of All life.  The pendant has a voice of its own, simply by being visible. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  It speaks, but it also gives one the opportunity to engage others in conversation.  When we speak, may we speak with mercy and truth.  As we enter conversations, let us be mindful that some of us are carrying grief and hidden pain from life experiences of which we do not know.  These voices may not have had an avenue of safety in which to be heard. May we be ready listeners and slow to take offense, being mindful of our own humanity. May we speak and listen with mercy and truth.   

Vita invites conversation and presents an opportunity to significantly touch one another’s lives.  Let us enter the conversation.

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