Adoption Story with a Pharmacist

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Stories – the ones told spontaneously about one’s life or experiences – these are the woven threads of life, connecting us, teaching us, bringing us together in day-to-day interactions.

How many times does a familiar aroma, a flash of color, or perhaps a piece of jewelry invite us into another’s story?

“As I was picking up a prescription, the pharmacist noticed the Vita pendant I was wearing. She looked closer with a smile and asked what I was wearing.

I responded with my usual reply: ‘What do you see?’

The pharmacist replied, ‘I see a baby!’

She went on to tell me that she had been adopted and about how grateful she was for her birth mother giving her life and for her adopted parents loving and raising her.

The pharmacist admired her birth mother for the selfless choice of placing her for adoption. When she had the opportunity to meet her birth mother, as an adult, she realized her life’s trajectory could have easily involved drugs and jail time.

What an admirable choice her birth mother had made on both accounts; to give her life and to place her for adoption.

This captivating conversation never would have happened had I not been wearing my Vita pendant. I wonder how many times it has spoken and impacted people without my knowledge.” (story provided by Cindy H.)

What story might you hear or share today?

We would love to hear your story – adoption or other – in the comments below.

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