Adoption Joy - Isabella Grace

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Hi, I’m Isabella Grace Rogers and I’m only 3 1/2 years old in this picture, born on August 26, 2012! My grandmother, Jennifer, is helping me tell my story.

For 12 years my mommy tried to have a baby, but God decided, not now, not your way. Her marriage was unable to withstand infidelity, but her yearning and wanting me just grew stronger. She started researching adoption for singles and even attended classes. Then her world really started crashing. Her father committed suicide, her step-father who raised her, died from a heart attack, and her constant companion, her puppy of 13 years, had to be put to sleep. All these occurrences took place within a 12 month period. But even in her grief, her longing for me never wavered. I was always on her mind. My mommy remarried in 2009. They bought a big house and started planning for me. My mommy had two in vitro fertilization procedures and even after planting numerous eggs, God still said no, not now, not this way. My Mommy became sad, but she never gave up.

One Sunday, when my Mommy was visiting my Grandma, Pastor Tony Evans called up Rev. Rodney Carter and his wife, Angie, to the altar. He prayed with them and for them that God would open her womb, because like my Mommy, they had been wanting a baby for a very long time. My Grandma leaned over to my Mommy and told her, that prayer was for her too.

For 12 years, God said no, but things were about to change and they would change very quickly. On Wednesday, June 19, 2012, my Grandma called my Mommy to ask her to join her in praying for a woman who was considering an abortion. After they prayed, my Mommy told Grandma that she had news to share, but wouldn’t tell her over the phone. Of course, Grandma thought she was pregnant. So on Friday, June 21, 2012, my Grandma, Aunt Jana, my cousins Jordan and Bear, and my Grandma’s two best friends met my Mommy at a restaurant in Kansas City. When my Mommy arrived, she had a lady with her who was very pregnant. Nobody knew who she was. My Mommy couldn’t contain her excitement and finally just shouted out, pointing to the ladies belly, “That’s my baby in there!” My Aunt Jana screamed and my Grandma started crying tears of joy. Then everybody started hugging each other.

My birth Mom is a very courageous lady! When her family learned of her pregnancy, they were totally opposed to adoption. Under this pressure, my birthMom considered having an abortion. She wanted to choose life for me, but it was difficult. I believe this is where God stepped in. My birthMom shared with someone about her situation, who shared it with my Auntie Greatness Joyce, who shared it with my Mommy. When my Mommy heard of this lady’s situation, she contacted her.

I know my birthMom really loves me very much because she chose life for me. She knew she couldn’t care for me and despite all the influence of others, she decided life, not death, for me. Because of her, my Mommy is really a Mommy now! My Mommy and my Grandmother Jennifer are so happy and grateful. And so am I! On March 15, 2013, my adoption was official! There were over 100 people in the court room that morning to support my Mommy and my birthMom.

Sometimes my Grandma Jennifer holds me and I see tears in her eyes. She just tells me how much she loves me and how grateful she is to God for me. God always knew about me.

Psalm 139:16 says, For you formed my inner parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. ”My name, Isabella Grace, is a constant reminder of what God has done in my life. It means Beautiful Favor of God. Isabella in Hebrew means Devoted to God and Grace in Latin means God’s favor.

You may know someone like me, a preborn baby, that can't be raised by their birth mother. Please give us the chance to be the answer to someone else’s prayer. What a blessing that baby can be just as I have been to so many people. One day I will meet my birthMom and tell her myself what an awesome gift she made possible, for so many! I am thrilled with what she chose.

Oh by the way, on December 12, 2013, I met Josiah Carter. Josiah is the answer to the prayers of Rev. Rodney Carter and Angie, just as I was to my Mommy’s prayers. I gave him the biggest hug.

My Grandma Jennifer, gave my Mommy a Vita pendant for Valentine’s Day.

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